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What people are saying about Order of St. Nick cards:

"Un-American." - Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central's The Colbert Report

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What People Are Saying About Order of St. Nick's Greeting Cards:

"Un-American." - Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central’s "The Colbert Report"

"Cool cards." - STUFF Magazine

"With knee-slapping messages like 'I made you a Christmas present...But I had to burn it in a trashcan to keep warm', your friends and family will actually think it is funny that you couldn't pony up for a Starbucks gift card this year." - Sandy Maple, Holidash

"Screw cheer. That was so two years ago. This season is all about reinforcing worries of the subprime mortgage crisis, gas prices, unemployment, vanishing 401ks and health insurance woes... At least opening your card will give [your friends] something to look forward to." - Time Out New York

"Sales of [Order of St. Nick's] atheist Christmas cards are booming." - Washington Post

"The Darwin as St. Nick cards are nice." - PZ Myers, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota

"...In these new times, everyone should be accommodated in their beliefs and traditions, so there might well be a place for the Order of Saint Nick line of greeting cards... Ignore that whirring sound; that’s just Mom spinning in her grave." - Brandweek

"...Rather cheeky..." - Anika Smith, The Discovery Institute