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"Un-American." - Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central's The Colbert Report


St. Nick's Creative Director is Asking for Your Vote!

A special message from Order of St. Nick's creative director, "St. Andrew" Shaffer:

"Thanks to everyone who voted for my Rock the Vote t-shirt design!

"I am now a finalist in the contest...please stop by this link and vote for my design. It takes only a second! [Mine is the one that says "I'm Voting for the First Time".]"

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All Partisan Merchandise Pulled Amid "Dangerous Political Climate"

From the Order's Press Release Dated October 12, 2008:

Online e-tailer Order of St. Nick (www.orderofstnick.com) has pulled its entire lines of popular partisan greeting cards and t-shirts amid concerns over a "dangerous political climate" brewing amongst both Republican and Democratic supporters in the days leading up to the election.

"At recent McCain and Palin rallies, fervent supporters of the Republican ticket have called Senator Obama a terrorist and shouted death threats," Order of St. Nick owner and creative designer Andrew Shaffer says. "Partisanship has taken a dramatic and ugly turn in the past few weeks. Both parties seem to be stoking the flames of hatred within their parties. Pulling all anti-McCain and anti-Palin merchandise from our online store at this time is not the best financial move--it's simply the right move."

Order of St. Nick has removed its entire line of liberal election greeting cards and t-shirts, including the popular "McCain is an Evil Space Slug" shirt. "We can't take the risk that rallying Democrats will begin seditious attacks on John McCain's alien lineage. To set the record straight, McCain is NOT a space slug from outer space. He is a human being born of this Earth," Shaffer says, adding, "We apologize for any confusion that the shirts in circulation may cause for the candidate."

One humorous greeting card poking fun at the current president will remain on sale, however. "Both campaigns, and the majority of the American people, are trying to distance themselves from George W. Bush. Merchandise poking fun at Bush is practically bipartisan these days," Shaffer says.


The Order's Cards Distributed Exclusively by Cool Cards in the U.K.

Order of St. Nick is proud to announce that its Winter Solstice, atheist, and goth Christmas cards are now available in the U.K. from Cool Cards. Cool Cards present the finest range of contemporary and innovative paper greeting cards and birthday cards online. The majority of mainland UK Cool Cards orders are processed same day and delivered next day. Orders are dispatched via First Class Royal Mail or Airmail post in sturdy, board-backed packaging.