Order of St. Nick Presents "Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love"
Saturday, January 8, 2011 at 7:03AM
Order of St. Nick

Order of St. Nick is proud to present Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love, the new book by St. Nick's founder and creative director, Andrew Shaffer.

The book, originally inspired by Order of St. Nick's "Nietzsche Valentine's Day" greeting cards, is in stores now from Harper Perennial. Here's a brief description:

Although nearly everyone "fails at love" at some point, few have failed as spectacularly as the great philosophers.

We revere the wisdom of these storied figures, but history is littered with their poor romantic choices. If only they had taken their own advice!

Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love paints brief but entertaining portraits of great thinkers whose words we repeat – but whose decisions we should avoid at all costs.

For more information or to find bookstores in your area carrying Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love, visit www.greatphilosophersbook.com

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